Carolina Herrera recently launched a new cologne: CH Men Sport, a citrusy, woody perfume with refreshing aquatic notes. The Sport Edition was introduced way back in 2009, depicting a typical CH Man as one who “is elegant and caring in all aspects of life… lives his life to the maximum and enjoys each moment. He views sports as a part of his lifestyle; he is very masculine and has a young spirit.”

The cologne has some really interesting composition as follows:
Top notes is comprised of fresh and luminous drops of bergamot and grapefruit combined with sage.
Middle notes have refreshing sea notes mixed with spices, aromatic accords of Sichuan pepper and juniper berries.
End notes has the sensual woodsy notes of sandalwood, oak moss and vetiver.

CH Men Sport is available in EDT bottles of 50ml and 100 ml, made of glass and wrapped in cotton material colored in red with a diagonal white stripe. This scent is ideal for all outdoor events like dates, picnics, movies, weddings, etc as its sillage doesn’t stay for ages.