If there is any model that stuns us with her exotic looks, it is Paula Okunzuwa. It is for this reason we have been keeping track on her, studying in earnest her growth since 2009.

Known by the stage name “Miss P”, the Nigerian UK-based model has done numerous editorials in: Vogue Magazine, Factice Magazine, JUKE Magazine, 125Magazine, Spindle Magazine, FAB Magazine, Absolutely Magazine, Black Hair Magazine, Black Hair and Beauty Magazine, IDOL Magazine, B Magazine, ARiSE Magazine, Continental Bride Magazine, to name but a few. She has strutted the runway for designers: Anita Quansah London, Adebayo Jones, Sulaimi Brookman, Lie Sang Bong, Kokon To Zai, NKWO, etc.

When we inquired from her who influences her, the 5ft 10in model from Edo State has this to say:

“In the beginning, I never really had any major influences relating to the industry and must confess my journey down this path started as a practical joke. But being fully immersed into the technicalities of the industry accorded me the opportunity to learn about the contributions of notable figures like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks amongst others. Surpassing their feats is not the motivation for me, but contributing to the industry and the world at large is a major motivation.”

On her future aspirations, Miss P states exclusively to us that being:

“…recognized as one of the top African models is a grain of sand in the vast prospects of goals set for myself. Using my influences to create an agency that would be and provide the necessary foundations and spring-board for aspiring models who aim for success within the industry, providing the necessary platform for exposure to a much larger audience. Also, I intend to set up a charity that will empower and educate girls and young women within devastated and impoverished regions of the African community, creating change and inspiring those individuals who are benefactors of such to in turn be tools for change and positive development within these communities. The entertainment industry, with emphasis on the music and movies sectors are areas I aspire to be directly/indirectly involved in.”

In just three (3) years, the graduate of Computer Science and Business (from University of Hertfordshire) has pushed boundaries well beyond some of her peers. She won “Top Model of Colour UK” (2009).



“Miss P” is signed on Nevs Models London, UK. You could connect with her on TwitterFacebook or her fanpage! Without much ado, we present our MODEL OF THE MONTH, Paula “Miss P” Okunzuwa.

COVER IMAGE: Helen Kirkbright


Paula Okunzuwa

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